2014 BMW Concept 9 Series GT – The Fuel Efficient Sports Car

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The 2014 BMW Concept 9 Series GT is unlike any car you’ve ever seen before but one that you won’t mind looking at. This vehicle won’t officially be released until the summer of 2014 but it has been turning heads already. Highly equipped with an abundance of features backing its impressive, sleek style, the 2014 BMW Concept 9 Series GT is a car that will tickle the fancy of all drivers who desire the dependable luxury of BMW in a brilliant car. This 5-door car has seating for five passengers, all of whom can comfortably ride inside thanks to generous head and leg room. And that’s just the start of the fantastic things to love.

Driving the 2014 BMW Concept 9 Series GT

There are many things that leave us impressed with this vehicle. With 18.5 cubic feet of storage space the 2014 BMW Concept 9 Series GT is perfect for people who travel and need to take their belongings with them. Whether you’re taking along a little or a lot, the Concept makes it easy and simple to do. Underneath the hood there is a powerful inline six cylinder engine with 300 horsepower and 3000 pounds of torque. In official testing the 2014 BMW Concept 9 Series GT averaged a 5.2 second 0 – 60 speed. Expect average fuel efficiency with the 2014 BMW Concept 9 Series GT. An average 22 mpg city/ 25 mpg highway mileage can be expected with this vehicle.
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BMW Concept 9 Series GT SideviewThe car drives, well, like a BMW should drive. It is an absolutely amazing experience. Power is the first noticeable features found upon driving the vehicle, but that is far from all that can be expected. Thanks to the even weight distribution less than previous models, the 2014 BMW Concept 9 Series GT vehicle has sharp and precise steering and it gives you total control over the car. It drives quietly and feels almost like you’re on air.

There is room for 5 people in the car, and it is credited for offering plenty of room for comfort for each and every passenger inside of the car. Add that to the great amount of storage space and you can’t lose!

Safety and the 2014 BMW Concept 9 Series GT

BMW is one of the most trusted names in safe vehicles. They go the extra mile to keep all of their driver’s safe and accident free. This vehicle will have numerous safety features standard to compliment the strict standards the German car manufacture has in place and to keep drivers safe. Among the features: Electronic Stability control, a total of six airbags, a crash preparation system, review camera and more. Crash test ratings have not been performed on the vehicle as of yet, but that doesn’t stop the
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BMW Concept 9 Series GT BackviewOur Final Thoughts

Release of the 2014 BMW Concept 9 Series GT is still a few months down the road, and consumers who are in the market for an amazing sports car cannot wait until it is actually available for purchase. It is certainly a car that offers the driver an impeccable number of qualities. Although BMW has yet to provide an official price, it is expected to be priced around $64,000 or better. Even still this is an amazing price for such a terrific vehicle. For more details please visit Exotic Car Rentals in Panama City, FL.

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