Porsche to Deliver New Car

Porsche is the latest luxury car company to turn to a more economical car model as the company unveiled plans to design and build a small SUV coupé.

Just a few weeks after Aston Martin announced plans to produce the Cygnet car; Porsche is joining in the baby-car fun as regulations for tighter restrictions on the environmental impact that our cars are having on the planet are taken more seriously by many manufacturers.

The car will be known as the Cajun and although compact and bijou, it offers its drivers a sporty look and the classic Porsche feel. The Cajun will also be the first car to be designed by the new owners of the company – VW – and many will be eagerly anticipating its arrival for this reason alone.

BMW will also be launching a baby car in the form of the BMW X6 and the Range Rover Evoque will also prove to be stiff competition for the Cajun. Porsche will be offering the cars in a variety of models including the two-liter 237 bhp and the three-liter 328 bhp and impressive speeds of 0-60 will be reached by these models in approximately six seconds.

Auto Express has already given the car great reviews and there are also two diesel offerings that also look set to be produced and one of these with be a three-liter TDI that will successfully rival its petrol-fuelled opponents. An electric hybrid model that was inspired from the Q5 that Audi designed will be introduced as Porsche attempt to make less of a negative impact on the environment.

The design of the Cajun is as eye-catching as one has come to expect from the luxury car manufacturer and there will be a two-door baby Cayenne available that takes on the aesthetic appearance of a Boxster in the interior. The aim with the new offerings is to give the Cayenne a little brother that will ensure that the Porsche brand appeals to more people.

Porsche are never one to shy away from a hefty yet usually deserving high price tag and the Cajun will be no exception. Prices look set to start at around £35,000 ($56,267) and while no release date has yet to be set in stone it looks likely that the baby SUV will be available by 2013.

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